Paradox of No Ending

Oh fleshly vice!

Blackened chocolate chips

Melting with coca coffee accents

Hints of a slightly acidic base

Notes of a bitter past

As I sip the wine

Repressed from oxygen

Never hearing a sound,

Oh melancholy sorrow!

Sing to my wine and

Give it life,

Uncork the flowering tannins

Oh euphoric dream!

Whisper to my ear

The words from the winds

Gesture hints of erotic play

Oh vanity of vanity!

Taste life through a portal of loneliness

The buds of sweet and bland

That animate the architecture of all

Vices and aromas of lucid pleasures,

Oh love of loves!

Nerve endings that penetrate

The somatic senses

Perish not into the recesses

Numb and void

Filled without beginnings

The paradox of no ending.


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